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Our Becoming Program 

You and your generation will continue a movement to nourish, love, express, and celebrate your bold, beautiful, powerful, creative selves by caring for your bodies, minds and hearts. 

You already have your way of being you. As you are growing and evolving, how are you becoming more of yourself?


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A Few Questions to Ask Yourself

How do you listen to the messages that your body sends you?

How do your body’s messages connect to your heart, mind and soul?
What tools are you gathering along your way?

Which ones serve you and help you feel your best?

How will you explore what helps you feel most YOU?

You will always BE you. How are you BECOMING?



Becoming Girl is an opportunity for you to explore your ability to nurture and care for your wellbeing, growth and one another. With a community of girls your age, you will explore different practices based in movement, massage, aromatherapy, meditation and more to design your own self-care practice that feels good for you.


- To learn different ways to care deeply for yourself

-  To appreciate your body and all that it does

- To listen for and connect with messages from your body and heart

- To witness and be witnessed in a supportive community of girls

- To take away at least one practice and make it your own


Curiosity   –  An open mind and heart   –  Aged 9 and up

A Typical Class

  • Classes typically include four sessions, two hours each.

  • Oil/cream, massage tools and journals will be provided.

  • We begin with a candle lighting and intention setting in circle followed by warm-up (stretch/movement/check-in with the body). The circle opens for each girl to lead if she desires.

  • Each session includes learning a supportive practice such as aromatherapy, tapping, pressure points and reflexology, etc.

  • Following, we explore how to care for an area of the body (belly, feet, legs, arms, chest, neck, head) with supportive massage.

  • We conclude with a reflective practice, such as a body scan or mindfulness meditation

  •  Participants receive a bit of massage on their feet/head/face while in resting pose

  •  Our closing class reflects on our experience together and culminates with a shared nourishing meal designed and prepared by the group. 




This list includes some of the ways in which we explore how we are being and becoming ourselves. Each of the below allows us to investigate the connection between our mind, body, heart and spirit.


The Amazing Nervous System

Guided visualization



Creating and sharing a nourishing meal

Settling into your body


Body scan

Saying goodnight to the body



Massage ball / Tennis ball


Belly, foot, hand, arm, leg, neck, face and head massage

Pressure points

Qi (chi) Gong

Artistic / Creative Expression


Please contact us to join an upcoming class or create one in your community!


If you are interested in having Becoming Girl in your community, we would love to create a class with you to fit your vision. Collaboration is inspiration!


We look forward to connecting with you!

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